About CrackOps

At CrackOps, we uniquely blend our extensive background in traditional Web2 penetration testing and auditing services with our deep expertise in the new world of Web3 and blockchain. Recognizing a gap in Web3 companies’ understanding of foundational Web2 security principles, we’ve positioned ourselves to fill this void. Originally a Web2-focused offensive security firm, now dedicated to safeguarding Web3 applications.

Founder’s Story

CrackOps was founded in 2019 by Jason Doyle, a seasoned information security researcher and OWASP Contributor. With over a decade of experience, Jason has consulted with top-tier security companies, gaining invaluable knowledge of best practice methodologies and honing his expertise in offensive security tactics as a senior penetration tester and blockchain security analyst.

Jason’s contributions extend beyond traditional cybersecurity. He’s received recognition in the Web3 NFT Gaming space for multiple ethical disclosures of security flaws that exposed companies to the theft of digital assets, including NFTs and cryptocurrencies. His dedication to enhancing security in this rapidly evolving field underscores his commitment to safeguarding the digital frontier.

Additionally, Jason has appeared on an episode of the ‘Inside Edition’ television series, where he discussed his work breaching the security mechanisms of the Google Nestcam, further showcasing his expertise and dedication to the field of cybersecurity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to safeguard your brand and digital assets in the Web3 era’s digital frontier. We accomplish this by addressing the gaps often left by narrowly focused smart contract audits. Our seasoned team of professionals, with verifiable blockchain security track records through research, industry contributions, and recognition in prestigious bounty programs, is dedicated to achieving this mission.

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