CrackOps is an information security firm with over a decade of experience offering offensive security services to our clients. Using cutting-edge tactics and methodologies, CrackOps performs Penetration Testing, otherwise known as ethical hacking, to properly assess the security posture and identify vulnerabilities in client’s systems and software. Following the assessment, any vulnerabilities revealed from testing are provided to the client in an actionable and prioritized list with remediation advice. While we share our expertise with the clients on how to properly remediate the identified vulnerabilities and harden their security posture, it is up to the clients to direct their use of people, process, technology, and other necessary resources to ensure the identified gaps are closed.

Companies that have received the “security tested badge” means they were tested by an experienced Penetration Tester from CrackOps and tested to our own standards based on industry best practices. This includes complete execution of OWASP’s ASVS level 1 verification for web application-specific security assessments conducted by CrackOps. This level of verification guarantees test coverage of all common web application security vulnerabilities detailed in the OWASP Top 10 list of vulnerabilities.

CrackOps uses state-of-the-art testing technology and techniques, but penetration testing is applied to applications and systems that exist as of the testing date. Because threats are continually evolving and new vulnerabilities are discovered daily, no testing can be 100% effective at stopping a determined attacker with significant time and resources. Accordingly, CrackOps makes no representations, promises, or warranties, express or implied, about the services or the security of a website possessing our badge.

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