We provide our services in a flexible way, one which flexes to meet your projects specific needs and requirements. We can blend any of the services below together in order to focus them on your specific business needs and protect your commercial prosperity from cybersecurity threats.

Web3 DApp Pentest

Leveraging advanced blockchain technology, our team specializes in fortifying decentralized applications (DApps), focusing rigorously on both the application and smart contract layers. We delve into the intricate aspects of DApps, like NFT marketplaces, scrutinizing both on-chain and off-chain elements to identify and mend potential vulnerabilities. Trust Crackops to bolster your DApp’s defense, ensuring a secure and resilient platform in the dynamic Web3 space.

Network Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing is typically a manual and deep-dive penetration test handled by an experienced and certified cybersecurity practitioner. We conduct network penetration tests in order to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in your internal or external networks, before cybercriminals are able to discover and exploit those vulnerabilities. Our testing often reveals major vulnerabilities which would allow black hat hackers to compromise networks in such a way that allows for the exfiltration of sensitive data for malicious or criminal purposes. Our team has extensive network penetration test experience and is able to conduct comprehensive penetration tests on your networks in order to gauge their robustness and effectiveness.

Mobile Application
Penetration Testing

Never before have we relied on mobile apps to conduct our daily personal and professional lives as we have today, there are more than 2 billion smartphones in use globally and each of them contains a large number of mobile applications. Unfortunately for their users, only a very few of those mobile applications have been properly tested using rigorous security testing and to make matters worse, mobile app hacking is on the rise and rapidly becoming one of the preferred vehicles of exploitation that cybercriminals use to attack their targets. We can make sure that your app is free of security vulnerabilities and properly securing your users data so that you do not end up like one of many mobile app vendors who suffered from a data breach.

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